South Africa - Starts with transporting Tryst back to his breeder in South Africa.
SOUTH AFRICA .... the *Rainbow Nation*...

an adventure like no other... thank you dear friends... what a stunning country
By the time this dog was ready to be returned to South Africa, we had quite a bond. He was a fun puppy, loving and sweet.  Snuggly and tender were his moments with me while he was waiting for his departure back to Johannesburg. This dog was shipped to Canada in good faith that he would begin a new bloodline for the Canadian woman who was so overrun with dogs, she was busted by the OSPCA for animal neglect. He was never paid for, his crate and transportation was never paid for and he was never producing any pups for a "pick of litter" for payment to the breeder in South Africa and during the raid "that summer" in Renfrew, this dog ended up being transported to the middle of the USA. He was being hidden so that he would not be found by his breeder from South Africa. After all, he was really (technically) still owned by the breeder since he hadn't been paid for and all she had to do was sign a power of attorney for someone in Canada to begin legal proceedings for damages through Small Claims Court. 
This is Deputy Sheriff M. MacDonald who assisted the Power of Attorney in seizing this dog and keeping Tryst safe for his final ride out of Aurelia, Iowa.  Cherokee County surrounds Aurelia, a town of about 1500 people.  There was a wonderful family there who saw a load of dogs delivered to a house in town, the dogs were a mess, they were not kept nicely, they were in crates all day long, they cried.  She sent me an anonymous email to say that the dogs being looked for that disappeared after the Renfrew OSPCA raids through a Petition for Chows (online that's  now disappeared) were in her town.  One thing led to another.  This youngster Chow Chow was never to be the same again.  What an adorable, silly, loving Chow.   We had heard he was a miserable dog that growled a lot.  Maybe under his prior conditions but not with the people he would meet over the next 4 months of his little life :) .