Hi,  I'm Christine. I'm a bit of an artist and  really love Chows! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I grew up in Southern Ontario, lived in Marietta, Georgia (loved it-had a great life that I loved) and for a really short while at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta (didn't love it.)  I love to travel, have been coast to coast in Canada and the USA, through a few Caribbean Islands, and have been through Central Europe  - even had a little beginner's luck in the casinos of Monte Carlo.  My most exciting trip was to South Africa where Vanessa Nicolau and her sister Melanie - and friends Eurika and Gerhard Pretorius showed me the most beautiful countryside I've ever seen.  Magnificent - was able to play with lion youngsters and stood in Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope and looked across the matchbox home horizons in Soweto - be still my heart.  The only place in the world where two Nobel Peace Prize winners lived on the same street - actually right across from each other.  

At  the prestigious 'Crufts'  in Birmingham, England in 1999 I saw my Rylee's litter brother Ch. Mi-Pao's J.Walker place first in his class - very exciting! Thanks to the Chows, I've also travelled from one coast to the other for Chow Chow Club, Inc. Specialties in the USA.

My journeys have taken me to South Africa -Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria, Cape Town and surrounding areas. and this year (2013) to the central northern mountains of Nicaragua where I helped 14 other people build a school in El Sasle, just outside of Jinotega. I am forever beholding to RSA Insurance for sponsoring me to go with a team of the most wonderful people ever... Safe, sound, and high up in the cool, northern rural hillsides where only 30 years ago a war raged, of which I studied with great anxiety their suffering.
Siempre voy a amar a las personas apacibles de Nicaragua. Durante muchos años, los he amado y he querido darles un regalo especial. Creo que la escuela para los niños, y nuestro regalo (la guitarra) fue uno de los regalos más grandes de todos. Son ricos en espíritu ... gracias gente amable de Nicaragua. Voy a volver pronto.

Been to Europe too and the only reason I mention these places is because maybe I can encourage people to see the rest of the world - they can grow spiritually because of it and learn how to forget about their own needs and desires...help put a smile on the faces of those who have nothing - literally - and know what it feels like to be rich...in heart and soul...

By profession, I'm work in the insurance industry. I also model for Shok Models & Talent in Toronto and have appeared in two episodes of a Canadian TV show filmed in Toronto and Niagara Falls, Ontario.  I also perform musically by singing and playing guitar and am in our church choir ... they are family.

I have owned four beautiful chows, NESTA, RYLEE& RULA and my precious little
rescue girl Trinity (Trina). My baby boy Rylee passed away July 2003 after suffering from Cushings Disease.  Besure andvisit my Chows page.   Nesta passed away the day before his 11th birthday in 2006 amd Rula is my little cream girl who left me October 17, 2007.  While I held her in my arms and told her how beautiful she was and how I loved her more than I could express, our fabulous vet - Dr. Gough (Park Road Vet Clinic) helped me let my girl cross over... she bloated.  I was devastated and wasn't sure I could ever have another Chow... I miss her with every single passing day...she was with me during these past years ... don't get me wrong because i LOVED my boys and rescue girl too... they are always with me in spirit and I can't imagine how my life had been without them but for some reason, my precious and elegant lady Rula took a piece of my heart with her when she died. 

Mi-Pao's Caramella Cream (CARA) has arrived into my life - whelped October 27 she came to live with me just before NewYear's 2009.  I love this little show girl and hope we have a long and happy life together. She's cute, smart and fills a very significant void I've had in my life since Rula...

 I am  a member of several  Chow Chow/Canine Clubs worldwide and was Secretary for the Maple Leaf Chow Chow Club for almost 6 years.  I was Trophy Chair for 2 years and Show Chaired 2 years including 1998 when the MLCCC did their 25th Anniversary Specialty with people from all over the world in attendance.

I've served on Chow Life's Education Committee when there was one and find that magazine one of the most beautiful collector's items I have ever seen.  Kim Bowden did a wonderful job of the magazine and now we have Vicki DeGruy at the healm, still offering a lovely publication to enjoy for  years to come.

From time to time I contribute as a writer to the Dogs in Canada "Breedlines" column and was honoured to be Editor/Publisher of the MLCCC Newsletter, the Encounter and the Chow  Chow Fancier's of Canada newsletter for a time. 

My art has made its way to Finland, Britain, the United States and of course to shows here in Canada and I've been offered exposure at Crufts for my craft. 


Need to say thanks to my Mom, Jean for always being there for me and for telling me that I could do anything I wanted to - if I just put my mind to it. She gave me the love a child needs to grow and taught me how to love. How rich is that?  And to Richelle, the closest I ever got to having my very own daughter to love always and forever....and finally to Ken Hankinson for bringing me back full circle - God's love is forever, may God bless you for showing me the way back home.

And to you Vanessa Nicolau - you have to be one of the most courageous and fascinating people I've ever met...I will love you til the day I die...and to my mentors Minnie & Paul Odenkirchen I express my gratitude and adoration for teaching me what I know and have come to love with a passion - the dogs, to Judy and Ian for their friendship that has withstood the storms and the sunshine of 20 years with me, and to my sister, Gwen, for finding me after 44 years being apart.

I hope you enjoy my web site, my art, and my puppy dogs, and if you're inclined please sign my guestbook if its available ...  

Chow for now... and havea peachy day!! 

Christine & Cara  (my loving companion Chow Chow)

 I can no longer remain as I was...you have led  me to the sunny side, where growth is a matter  of course...     (Anna-Natalia Malachowskaja, Russian feminist)

This picture is of me with Tryst the day he left Canada to return to Vanessa Nicolau in South Africa. He was such a good boy...more about Tryst to come...I love that boy!!!
This page is dedicated to 
Ken Hankinson, of  "somewhere near Atlanta", Georgia. 
Without his care and love, I would forever have been lost in the abyss...
love is patient, love is kind...its all good....

We see the same moon....
we think the same thoughts....
We are.

God bless - lymi
 ....its all good...

Meeting Tryst again October 2010... it had been more than five years...I think we all wept this day - including Tryst.  Thank you Melanie Nicolau for the photos, and Vanessa - who made it all possible.for me to come to South Africa....such a wonderful journey...and friendship.
DIVA FEVA... Christine, Gina, Renee...2007
One of the  " Hook, Line & Sinker"  band - performing in Toronto with a theme "Fishstock", born from a dating site that only seemed to leave me with long lasting friendships of people from all walks in life... By the time we got to Fishstock.........