These are my beautiful Chow Chows-
-Mi-Pao's NESTA, CGC, Th.D.Int'l. a black male, Mi-Pao's Red RYLEE a red male, and Sherdee's AmaRULA Cream a cream female. 
I have loved my dogs very much and could never  imagine life without them...each one gave me so much joy and love. I miss everything about them. I named my rescue girl "Trinity".. T #3 in the saga of a place in time a long, long while ago.......
Just thinking about a friend makes you want to do a happy dance,
 because a friend is someone who loves you in spite of your faults...*
Charles Schulz...cartoonist very first Chow... what a character!! Clever, brave and fun... beloved, most cherished girlfriend...Bloated October 17,2007-she was 13 years old...  the last voice she heard was mine.... my heart was broken
And Rylee at four years (left) and 2 years (below)
Mommy's boy....
Rylee-a precious, loving boy - Nesta's best friend...til the end.

Rylee died from complications of Cushings... he was 9.   
This is Trinity...My rescue girl...A survivor and one of the most beautiful Chows I have ever seen. 
Mi-Pao's Caramella Cream ... pictured at 7 weeks..
Trina - daughter of Tryst...