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It will slowly and surely describe the suffering of the dogs and people who were connected with the "Tory's Legacy" group out of Renfrew, Ontario who took abandoned and stray chows into their home and were subsequently convicted of animal cruelty as these dogs were not being looked food, no water, no shelter.  All the while this woman in charge was typing long innuendos online to be sure all who knew her thought she was the queen of rescue - she was no such thing...quite to the contrary.

Beware...the past will never be forgotten... 

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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This is "Dolby" who was transported to *Tory's Legacy*.  My own personal involvement with this group started with this dog.  I was contacted by an American Chow rescue person who begged me to intervene in this dog's 'placement' before it ended up in the Renfrew/ Ottawa area.  The breeder was called but they were in Italy and could not be reached in time to prevent the transfer.  The young woman giving up this dog was desperate and resorted to this "Tory's Legacy" group for help and care.  What she got was a dumping ground for her dogs that ended up in one hell of a mess as you can see from the above photo.  This dog's weight dropped over 20 pounds in a matter of a few months after being surrendered.  His registration papers went with the dog and since his genetics were valuable enough to consider a new bloodline with the 'breeder/rescuer', we worried he would be used as a sperm bank but instead, he ended up being a trade off by Tory's Legacy to a different young lady who'd given her own dog to the group for 'training".  You see, this leader Kathryn Langdon Sparks Warren (and she has more 'names' as well such as "Sir K"), she talks a big talk but without verification its all just hot air isn't it?  without validation, its just perceptions and fantasy.   She embellishes and fabricates and weaves her own legendary "tapestry" that instead of weaving goodness and purity, what was 'woven' was hurt, deception and suffering.  Our hobby was no longer fun.  And we were deliberately pitted against each other over the next months/years to come.  Finally the truth has been told.  One does not live such a thing down easily.  Not without showing remorse.  To do that would be to stay away from our hobby.  This person is impossible to trust. Too many lies.  Too many broken hearts.  Too much suffering and not once blamed herself, nor accepted responsibility for this. Not once.  Instead, it was as though she relished in her own deception. 
By the time these raids went down, this family of a minimum of four adult people watched while the OSPCA gave directives to fix the yard for the dogs to be sheltered and to give them water and medical attention.  While dogs were being brought for help they were neglected by their very essence of need, v.s. narcissism.   The hottest summer on record and these heavy coated dogs, with flies chewing them, their coats sopping in unrine and feces were left helpless and desperate, at risk of peril under the hot sun without shade or shelter, without food or water.  There were four people coming and going from this house.  And the claim that the humans were overwhelmed at the time with these animals??? really??  Then why didn't they say something to their own group?  Why was there so much time spent storytelling on the internet by the "Storyteller"?  instead of cooling these dogs off, tending to their fleas, their thyroid issues, their basic need for food an d water?  

No matter what was said, it would seem that after ten or so years, the element of disgust doesn't seem like an empathetic notion; quite ironically, it seems to be the taunting sword.  

Arrogance breeds stupidity evidently as well.  Many people were hurt during this time because there was a very basic trust that had been taken for granted and broken, and lies were told that pitted many people against each other.  In the end, these people mattered not, the truth was told in court.  

People misbehaved, their temperaments were stretched and emails were abound because of the post traumatic stress put onto the canine community.  It seemed as though they were being taunted.  But the community only had to wait a few years to understand that the very small group of people who stood up against the brutality of the lies and the deceit, were rewarded by the Ontario Court of Justice when the guilty plea was recorded and two of the four were sentenced.  Also the group being put out of business for a few years was good to know.  But it seems not long enough.

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